November 20, 2017


We list and review the top betting sites in Nigeria. You can find out what products they offer,
any bonuses they are running and why we think they are some of the best sites to
bet on.


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Find reviews of the online sports betting sites in Nigeria

Are you looking for online sports betting companies in Nigeria? We list and review them so that you can find out all the information you need, before you register with them. Our reviews have details about how to register, deposit, bet and withdraw from them, plus the sports, products and markets they offer. We want to make it easy and simple for you to find the latest information about Nigeria sports betting companies. We also list the promotions that these bookmakers are running each day so that you can find it all in one place.


Nigeria online sports betting wrap

The Nigerian online sports betting market is one of the most dynamic, competitive and diverse on the African continent and provides punters with a myriad of bet markets and substantial earning potential.

The West African country is the largest in Africa with regard to population and with the relatively recent regulations regarding online betting, the market has mushroomed.

The punters can make use of a wide array of local bookmakers and may international bet-sites as well. The locally run betting platforms are mostly professional, well run and becoming renowned household brand names.

The Nigerian market is made up of hundreds of online portals to place not only sports bets, but a variety of casino and jackpot games.

The online sports betting market is estimated to be worth 4.2 billion US Dollars a year, far outstripping casinos and bet shops.

As in any industry, there are market leaders and also-rans and regular punters make good use of the likes of bet9ja, nairabet, merrybet, 1960bet, lionsbet and many more.

There are also newcomers emerging in the market-place regularly and with such a massive client-base to choose from, it is only natural that new players cash in on the spoils.

Banking options

Nigeria boasts a robust and fast-developing banking system that allows for peace of mind, access to winnings and an almost seamless reputation for transactions.

Unlike Kenya and other countries the only way to deposit and withdraw is through the banking institutions, with local debit cards, credit cards and Interswitch money market systems in place.

Punters use ATM machines, bank tellers, bet shops and online transfers to transact with the gaming sites. The use of major banks and regulated systems means that the reputation of any gaming site that is properly licensed is enhanced.

The best withdrawal option is bank transfers and while this could take a couple of days, the reliability is ensured. The important aspect to take into consideration is choosing a well-known service provider with a reputation of excellence.

There are obviously fraudulent sites that mimic the real deal but these are generally rare and many punters can distinguish between the top players and the wannabees.

Bet market

The vast majority of Nigerian online sports betting sites offer a dazzling array of bet markets, and are similar to the international frontrunners in this regard.

As in most African countries the most followed sport is football and this is echoed in the bet department. Football betting in Nigeria is among the best on the continent and the diversity, complexity and range is comparable to most sites abroad.

An example of the magnitude of the bet market for the major local sites is the ability to place up to 154 bets on a single match.

The sites do not offer football exclusively and other popular sporting codes to place wagers on include the likes of basketball, tennis, cricket and American Football, while more obscure sports like darts are also on the plate.

The Virtual Play bet-market in Nigeria is amongst the leaders in Africa and offers some of the most impressive graphics, game play and various bet-markets.

VP is becoming one of the more popular means to wager in Nigeria, as the events take place every few minutes, the odds are similar to real-life events and the exciting nature often surpasses the real matches or races, played out across the world.

All the major players in the online game offer Virtual Play and this is a boon to game-loving punters.

The European league, cup and World Cup football matches are by far the most popular leagues and competitions to bet on, and are well-followed by punters across the country.

Some of Nigeria’s leading sites offer 10 000 sporting events a week, with each encounter consisting of between 30 and 150 bets on that game. The likes of merrybet and nairabet provide perfect examples of the multitude of contests and bet-types.

Football takes up most of the space on all the bet suites in Nigeria and justifiably so, as the game is the most popular in Africa, and indeed the world.

Betting on football is also a microcosm of all bet-types and are ideal for novices and seasoned bettors.

The sites all offer a range of bet-features for a match and among the most played are the Over/Under goal, Both Teams to Score, Handicap and first-half/second-half results.

There are also other interesting and exotic bets, especially in the live-in play betting, with stakes made on which team will score the first goal, concede the third corner and which player will get the first yellow card.

The odds fluctuate during live play, and the Nigerian bookmakers offer some of the most exciting bets in this market.

Gaming Laws

The interesting aspect of the Nigerian Gambling laws shows the skill-set needed to be a winner, with the Gaming Board not allowing games of pure chance, like Roulette and dice games.

This allows the punter with a better chance to earn winnings, especially the ones who take the pastime seriously. This is also attractive to newcomers as the odds on winning are greatly improved.

Take a football match for example. A punter can predict a winner and be a winner. The odds are further decreased by betting on the favourite team. Of course this is a mere taste of the life of the sports bettor and with the Nigerian market emerging as one of the strongest in Africa, the industry is growing exponentially. Another interesting fact about online betting in Nigeria is that the gaming law is controlled at state rather than national level (much like the United States of America). An example is that most of the online sites are registered through the Lagos State Lottery Board.

This means that proceeds of operating these platforms will go back into the state coffers, and provide a necessary contribution to communities under financial duress.

Best-bet Nigerian online sites

There are a host of leading online sports bookmakers that are a perfect example of the quality, comprehensiveness and variety on offer in the country.

Some of the leading sites boast features, jackpots and promotions that are among the best on the continent.

Here are arguably the top five sites in the country;

  • Bet9ja – This site can rightly be counted as one of the leading lights in the bet industry in Nigeria, and is one of the most well-known and reputable brands. The site offers a significant jackpot of 100 million Naira for correctly predicting ten matches. The site has an online casino, virtual play and consistently offers promotions that are among the best in the country. The site also boasts a cash boost bet and a 100% first deposit bonus.
  • Merrybet – Merrybet is staking a claim to be counted amongst the top sites in Kenya as they offer on of the biggest bet markets, and they feature more than 10 000 sporting contests on a weekly basis. If you take the 10k events and times it by an average of 120 markets per event that works out to more than 1.2 million bets every seven days. The site also offers a substantial jackpot, cash boosts and updated promotions and loyalty rewards.
  • Nairabet – This is arguably the most well-known online sports betting site in the country with a large and varied selection of sporting codes, and significant football coverage. The site also offers the punter in-play betting, virtual play and casino games. There are also many promotions, jackpots and features.
  • Surebet247 – This is a Nigerian site that offers local flavour and international quality. The site advertises competitive odds, a large bet-market and is one of the most reputable in the West African country. They have a great looking site, polished mobi-site and offer all the usual amenities considered to be counted among the elite business leaders.
  • 360bet – This site offers a 360-degree coverage of all sport, especially football and spans matches from little known leagues to the big-time games and tournaments. The bet-market is vast, with an active in-play betting feature, virtual play and more. It also offers airtime betting.

International websites that are on offer in Nigeria

There are many world-class operators in the online sports betting industry in Nigeria, with many international sites available for game-play.

The leading platforms are of the best known in the world, and Nigerian punters can get a comprehensive market and be paid in foreign currency.

Some market leaders include:

  • William Hill – This is one of the world’s leading sports betting sites and are available to Nigerian players. The platform offers a massive bet-market as well as instant promotions that will appease newcomers and seasoned players. The William Hill brand is world-renowned and one of the best sportsbooks to be a part of the top-notch action.
  • Bet365 – This online sports bet site was launched almost two decades ago in the UK and has since grown into one of the most popular and professional across the globe. The platform is available to Nigerian punters who want to get in on the world-class service and top odds and pay-outs.
  • Unibet – The Nigerian punters now have access to one of the largest worldwide sports bet companies, with a claimed 9 million users.
  • Betfred – This is one of the oldest and most established sports betting portals in the world, with 50 years of experience and a powerful platform that is available to Nigerian punters.

Other Nigerian sports betting sites of interest

There are many bet sites available in Nigeria and herewith a list of some of the most frequented (in no particular order):

The sites range from top-class to middle of the range and punters are advised to go through some of the platforms to check odds, promotions, features and game play.

Most sites offer the usual fare of Virtual Play, jackpots, casino games and live-in play betting, while the bet-markets are substantial. Millions of Nigerian punters are on the ball and with so many portals to choose from, finding a preferred site is not hard.

The list includes some major stars, some faltering platforms and some falling stars. There are odds comparison platforms available and punters can go through these to get an idea of which sites offer the best odds, and the biggest wins.

Sites available:









How to make a deposit/withdrawal in Nigeria

The Nigerian sports betting market includes some of the easiest means to place deposits and withdrawals, with all major bank institutions available. Once a punter has chosen the site they want to join, a simple click on the ‘sign-up’ button and a quick registration process is all that is needed.

Once subscribed go to the payments icon and select a payment method that is accessible to the punter.

Withdrawals are slightly more complicated with punters having to provide a copy of their ID, proof of residence or a utility bill before accessing winnings. This is standard operating procedure in Nigeria and once done initially withdrawing is a piece of cake. Most sites pay out in two days.


The online sports betting industry is one of the most active on the continent and given the opportunity to choose from such a strong variety is most appealing to novices and veterans.

The Nigerian options are arguably the most diverse in Africa and that is only fitting for a country of the size and scope of this West African market place.

As per standard business practice the sites are similar in size and promotions, but as usual the big-name brands dominate the market share.


There are standard promotions across most platforms, local and international with a 100% welcome bonus on offer, while there are many ‘refer a friend’ bonus opportunities.

The bet boost is another popular feature offered with cash boosts ranging from 25% to 150% of original winnings forecast. This is for accumulator bets only, with the average minimum bet consisting of between 7 and 26 matches. The more games in the multi-bet the higher the extra boost-winnings available.

Most Nigerian online sportsbook operators are known to give free bets to loyal customers, and while terms and conditions are in place, the free stakes are a norm rather than the exception. This offers Nigerian punters with an extra incentive to try their luck, and land substantial earnings – for nothing but a subscription.

With almost 2 billion Naira being spent on Nigerian bet sites daily the opportunity to offer all sorts of promotions allows for a competitive practice and of sites want to keep up with the market-leaders they have to follow suit. This means more opportunities for millions of players across the country.


There are many sites that offer jackpots between 50 million and 250 million Naira and these life-changing bonanzas are a real drawcard in the country. The current Colossus jackpot is standing at 700 million Naira, and once won the amount starts at 10 million and climbs exponentially if no-one hits it.

The jackpot bets are comprised of a selected accumulator bet consisting of anywhere between 12 and 15 pre-selected matches and offer the punter an opportunity to become rich as well as provide welcome day dreams to millions of people. The lottery-like size of the prizes, at a small stake, are one of the most popular means to attract new visitors and members to a site.

Mobile technology

The leading online sports betting operators make use of a dynamic mobile phone market, with millions of users logging on and betting on various mobi-sites. This market is comparable to the website market and is even surpassing the traditional internet gaming sector.

Almost every Nigerian has a mobile phone and the technology in this department is keeping pace with any in Africa.