May 7, 2018

Bet9ja predictions

The bet9ja online sports betting site offers a wide-ranging betting market, exemplified by the ever-popular sport of football. Soccer is one of the best ways to explain how the betting market and predictions work as it is the most bet-upon sport in Nigeria, and arguably the world.

A top-rated site like bet9ja offers many examples of bet-market stakes, and the bookmakers use a host of variables to set the odds. The variables that come into play can also be used by the punter to more accurately predict the winning outcome.

The odds predictor takers in many factors such as home form, league position, head-to-head, injuries, managerial changes, boardroom pressure, weather and form of the key players – when making up the odds.

The statistical and mathematical data provides the best probabilities that can be factored in and forms an extremely accurate prediction of expected outcome.

Manchester City for example have proven almost unbeatable in the EPL and betting on their form, confidence, manager, home record etc. is easy and that is why the odds are always so low on them winning. But when Man City meet Man United in a derby then sometimes the form book can be thrown out of the window and historical data analysis is needed, as is a more detailed look into form of key players rather than as a team on the whole.

With Man City almost always going to win against most teams there are other ways to predict a winning stake by backing the Sky Blues and this is done with a combination of betting markets, as given by bet9ja. You can bet on how many goals they will score, if they will win the first half, or second half. These predictions are based on historical form throughout this season and perhaps the one before. Manchester City may have a tendency to leave their wins to a strong second half, and by study a bookie or bettor can see this pattern.

Man City have been scoring goals at will, with many results being by 3 goals or more. A bettor can place a bet on them only winning by one goal and get higher odds, or by defeating a tough team like Man United by five goals. This will also earn a good pay-out.

There are even exotic bets like will they score an odd number or even number of goals. Even this can be predicted by historical and empirical research, with many 1-0 away wins translating into a better chance of them scoring an ‘odd’ amount of goals. A bettor can also stake a wager on whether the team scores many goals in either half, again using prediction devices as a tool.

The bet markets and predictions are all carefully managed to give both bookmakers like bet9ja, and players a fair chance. There are many sites or algorithms that can help a bet-maker when deciding and important knowledge of all conditions and factors needs to be taken into account. This is all reflected by the odds offered.