June 7, 2018

Betting sites with free bets and first time deposit bonuses

The Nigerian sports betting market is one of the most crowded, and diverse in the country with up to 100 sites operating. About half of these deserve a mention, with the likes of nairabet, merrybet and bet9ja industry leading portals.

There are a host of more established brand names as well, and most of these higher ranking sites offer free bets and first time deposit bonuses. This technique of winning loyalty and opening the online doors to a larger clientele base is an important factor to take into consideration. The competition in this industry is fierce and after researching sites, domain names and more, there seem to be many operators that have closed shop, and their domain names are up for sale.

Herewith a list of Nigerian online sports sites, and the ones that offer these services. This ranking list will show the leading platforms in ascending order (this rank-order is not decisive and may be debatable but will give a clearer understanding of the dynamics and offers of each site:


Bet9ja.com – Bet9ja is one of the biggest market leaders in the world of online sports betting, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The site offers a variety of bet-options and enticing promotions. They offer a 100% welcome bonus and also offer free bets (for their jackpot), where the top 20 players each week can stand a chance to win. This is called the SUPER9JA feature and it is advertised on the top of their landing page.

Nairabet.com – Nairabet boasts some of the best online bet-action in Nigeria and is among a handful of outstanding sites. The operator offers a free bet and punters can stand a chance to win 20 million Naira on this feature. There is no welcome bonus advertised on the landing page or under the promotions link and this is disappointing for such a large well-known brand.

Merrybet.com – This is another mover and shaker in the industry and the popular site offers a 100% welcome, first-time deposit bonus. The site also offers a regular free bet in the form of a weekly jackpot, and over the period of a year a lucky winner could win 1 million naira. The player who predicts the most correct scores each year will win the prize.

Surebet247.com – This site is another of the bigger establishments and offers both a 100% welcome bonus and a free bets feature. The site really makes the most of the free bet promotion and offers a free bet on the French Open Tennis, World Cup soccer as well as a reload bonus. When it comes to rewarding subscribers surebet247 is one of the best in the game.

1960bet.com – The 1960bet.com team are one of the leading online sports bookmakers in Nigeria and offer a 100% welcome bonus. The site also offers a daily free bet for subscribers. This site is one of the best, and thus offers of the best promotions.

1xbet9ja.com – This internationally recognised sports betting site offers punters options in all currencies including the Nigerian naira. The site is one of the more developed in the world and offers a 200% welcome bonus. The site also offers daily free bets.

Lionsbet.com – This site can rate itself as one of the top ten in Nigeria (a worthy feat) and offers a host of promotions including a 100% welcome bonus. According to lionsbet, they are not just happy to give a deposit bonus but promise to keep rewarding new subscribers. They also offer a 500 naira maximum free bet every week for members. The site offers some of the best promotions across the board and deserve their reputation as a market leader.


Accessbet.com – Accessbet.com has relaunched their site and disappointingly they do not offer a welcome bonus or free bets features. Their new site looks solid, but with no promotions advertised it could struggle in a competitive Nigerian market.

Betdey.com – This sports betting company offers shop and online betting. The site offers a 100% welcome bonus but there is no sign of free bet promotional activities.

Billionairebet.com – This is an ambitious site, and to live up to its name means offering great promotions to keep the clients rolling in. The site offers a 100% welcome bonus and an interesting money-back feature that will pay out to the punter meaning essentially free bets. If a punter takes out a 15 match multi-bet and loses one leg, the site will still pay out 10% of the original winnings, not just give the bet amount back as others sites advertise.

Lovingbet.com – This is another fast growing online betting site and while not quite as big as the industry leaders, it still offers much for the punter. The site has a 100% welcome bonus while they also have a cashback feature (not quite a free bet), that can earn a punter rewards despite losing.

Saharabet.com – Saharabet may be big on bet-markets but it is scarce on promotional giveaways. The site looks busy, with a large variety of bet-options but the lack of promotional advertising in stark. They do not offer free bets nor a welcome bonus, but do give out a ‘refer a friend’ commission.

Naija4win.com – This is a low range site in regard to market appeal and will battle in the Nigerian online sports betting market. They do not offer any promotions, meaning no welcome bonus, no free bets and the like. With such a lack of promotional activity this site will struggle in the West African country.

Ebonybet – This is a middle of the range online sports betting site in Nigeria and does not offer a welcome bonus on their landing page. Some research shows a 1000 Naira first time deposit bonus but this is unconfirmed based on their site. They do offer a daily bonus of up to 10 000 Naira. This comes in the form of a free 10% of a deposit, essentially meaning free bets.

Betwazobia.com – This is a great looking sports betting site with a few decent promotions including a welcome bonus of up to a maximum of 1000 naira. The site also offers a cash back bonus for losing multi-bets, but no free bet mechanism as such.

Megabet.ng – This site is licensed and registered in Nigeria, yet pays out in Euros. This is strange for a Nigerian domain name, but regardless, the site is impressive. In fact, it is sensational and offers a wide variety of bet-options, markets and promotions. The site offers a 150% welcome bonus, which is welcome indeed for many punters looking to switch to this great-looking provider. The site does not offer free bets, but boasts almost a dozen current promotions across the betting sector.

Bonanzawin.com – Bonanzawin offers a 20% welcome bonus when joining this interesting site; but this offer only applies to its sport book and not the online casino and lotteries. The site does not offer free bets.

Zenithbet.com – This Nigerian online sports betting site sits in the middle of the rankings when it comes to game-play, bet markets and virtual play. However, when it comes to promotions the landing page makes no mention of a welcome bonus, free bets feature or any other give away. This is unfortunate as the market is full of big names, sites that offer a range of rewards and bonuses.

Wescobet.com – This online sports betting site is nearer the bottom of the pile in many facets. Firstly the graphics, game-play and bet-markets are not great while there is no welcome bonus and no free bets. There are no promotional give-aways at all. This means an upward struggle to crack the market.

Kwikbet247.com – This is another Nigerian site that does not score well in the promotional side of the business, with no welcome bonus or free bets offered on the site. They only offer a cash back bonus. This lack of promo activity relates to a poor customer experience.

Doxxbet.ng – Doxxbet is an international betting company with an online presence in Nigeria, with the West African domain not quite living up to its billing. The site has potential and does offer a cash out and bet booster as promotions, but there is no advertised welcome bonus, nor a free bets feature.