May 10, 2018

Merrybet Codes

Merrybet, one of the industry leaders in the market of online sports betting in Nigeria, offer a wide range of markets and bet-types on more than 10 000 sporting events a week.

The site is well-known for its attractive odds, accurate predictions and an array of thrilling wagers.

The most dominant sport with regard to betting on the site is football and to get a better understanding on how the codes work we will use soccer as a guideline. The codes are then easily applicable across all sports, from rugby to tennis and once familiar with the merrybet systems then any complication of knowing how to bet will be taken out of the picture.

The ease of use is perfect for newcomers while regular players enjoy the ease of play.

Once you have registered to the site, log-in and deposited money – all simple as pie to do – then the world of sports betting at its best is now open for action.

When a punter is logged with your user name and password select the sport by pressing the + sign on the icon. Then select the league you want to place a stake on.

Then look at the games on offer and if you want to choose the Real Madrid against Malaga game for example, scroll down until you find the match and all the bet options and odds will be displayed next to the fixture.

The home team is always presented first.

From one of the many bet options for this game, click on the required prediction. For example if you believe Malaga can win away from home then click on third bet. The first two are for a home win (H) and a draw (X).

Click on the odds for Malaga then put in the amount to be – for example if the odds are 10/1 and you place 1000 Naira then you will win 10 000. The site also offers a Double Chance which means selecting two options from home win, draw or away win. This is done by clicking on X and 2 for a draw or away win. If one of these results come in you will be a winner. This double your chance offers much lower odds, but increases chances of winning.

Placing an accumulator bet is just as easy and increases chances of scooping substantial winnings based on predictions, gut feel and luck.

Accumulators and jackpots are the most popular ways to bet on football as they yield large winnings.

On the screen all the scheduled matches in La Liga that weekend will come up.

If there are four matches you want to bet on in an accumulator then click on the odds for each game, for example press on the first one in the Madrid v Malaga match (Madrid to win at home), the second odd on the line for the Villarreal v Barcelona game (draw), on the third odd for an Atletico win against Seville and on the first one on the line for the fourth game – a home win for Eibar against Valencia.

Once you have done this then press place a bet, and enter amount. The odds of the four results coming in will be displayed.

Live in-game play is extremely popular on merrybet and the market increases to such exotic bets as to who will score first, concede the next corner, give away the most yellow or red cards, to take the lead by the break and many more. This form of betting means the punter is studying both the odds and his own method of studying the dips and rises in the match.

This easy to use means of betting is available on both the website and mobi-site.

A punter can also make a decision to bet online, and then take the betting slip to one of the many betting shops across Nigeria. It will be a valid bet-slip.

The bet markets are growing on a regular basis and if sites such as merrybet continue to make the process as simple and accurate as possible then the online sport betting world can benefit.