May 10, 2018

Nairabet Codes

Nairabets is one of the oldest and consistently top-rated sports betting sites in Nigeria and their many promotions, a colossus jackpot, casino and virtual play modes will keep any punter entertained and in with a chance to win.

With so many sporting events on offer weekly and each contest bringing with it a glut of betting options a quick analysis of all the betting practises and codes will be a boon to the punters.

Each site has their own unique betting codes despite the sameness of events covered globally and it is of crucial importance to carefully learn how best to provide yourself with the winningest chances.

Football is by far the most bet-on activity throughout Africa and in Nigeria this is proportionately in line with the rest of the continent. Football is not only thrilling to watch but offers a variety of means of winning on a single match let alone a multi-bet or jackpot.

A breakdown of the codes and usage for each betting site is vital and nairabet carefully explains all the exciting market options.

We will use football as an example to show how to place a bet and how to stand a chance to be a winner. The odds are set by a computer-generated predictor system and following the bookmaker selections as to the likely outcomes of each bet is advised. This is not to say that a dose of instinct and luck could also play a large role in winning substantial earnings. Football is an example of a sport where many unforeseen results occur weekly, and also the likelihood of the bigger sides dominating.

Betting on Manchester City to defeat Burnley at home is not a bet that will yield a decent win as they often will prevail so the nairabet bookmakers offer a multitude of ways to bet on the variables in the given game.

The most basic bet is by placing a stake on a match between Man City and Burnley in this case. The punter can decide to choose a 1 (denoting home win), an X (result a draw) or 2 (an away win).

Nairabet offer one of the most convenient ways to place online bets. Go on the landing page and find the match or matches you want to bet on, click on the match and a page will open with all the relevant information on all betting types for this encounter. The home team will always be the first team in the encounter. The odds on a home win, draw or away win will be prominently shown next to the team name.

Then click on the predicted result by clicking on result of choice. The next prompt will be the amount wanting to stake and will also calculate your winnings on that exact bet-stake. For example if you are betting 1000 Naira on a draw and the odds are 3.65 you will win 4650 (win plus original bet back).

Then click bet and the process is complete. To bet on an accumulator do not click on bet put click on add selections, or place bet/s.

This will add another game to be bet on as a multi-bet. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the amount of matches to be staked on. The odds will increase exponentially as the amount of games and selections vary. The odds will be instantly displayed as more bets are added. For example picking one winner could yield a 2/1 win, while five games will go up to 70/.1 and so forth.

All the same applies to a mobi-site bet.

Just above the matches there are various soccer competitions in red, click on the league (eg EPL) and the matches for the upcoming games will appear. Once you have selected a competition and a match, all other bet-options will become available, simply scroll down and choose any type of stake – for example a half-time/full-time score prediction.

The site offers a smart Handicap system where an underdog will be offered a 1-goal lead with regard to the betting, so a winning stake will be on either an away win or draw. This increases chances of earnings on this game.

This system extends to spread margins – like how many goals will be scored, and winning margin. This is also called over and under betting. Betting under means believing that the score will be closer than the nairabet bookmakers believe. If the best odds are on an over 2.5, then a bet on under/5 will see a decent earning.

Nairabet offer some of the largest selections of bet-options per match and many popular ways to stake a wager is selecting the 10-minute interval the first goal will be scored, which team will score first, which side will win the first half and whether the total goals will be an odd amount or even amount. A 1-0 win is an odd amount while a 2-0 win is an even amount.

An important note is that while each mat can be bet on, so can each half in its entirety. This means that if Man City platy Burnley and the away side have a better second half record than the Sky Blues maybe a bet just on the 2nd half will work better. All bet options for main game are offered in each half.

You can bet on the last team to score, and this is important with live-in play betting as with Man City 5-0 up with twenty minutes to go they may take off their best players and relax at the back. Place a bet on Burnley to score the last game of the goal and be a winner.

All these bet options, across every minute and bit of action is found online, through web or mobi – and placing a wager and seeing odds is amazingly quick. Nairabet offers one of the smartest betting code features and the process is easy to follow.