April 5, 2018


The online sports betting site 9japredict.com is surprising in that it competes in a highly competitive market, and yet does not look out of place.

The site is impressive and offers all the usual brand-leading options as well as delights with new tricks and super promotions.

The only way to survive in such a condensed market-space is to think out of the box and the developers of this site have done this through a clever lay-out, variety of games and top-notch promotions.

Before I write about the virtues of the site, a criticism or two is necessary. The site has a large, empty space in between the main section of the landing page and the banking partners and social media hyperlinks – nestled at the bottom of the page. There is also no discernible disclaimer, FAQ’s, terms and conditions and contact details. These omissions will temper the review as it is vital to be able to let the players know all the essential details – especially the fine-print like how welcome bonuses can be spent.

The main body of the landing page though is impressive and we will look at the key elements to this site being ranked among the top few in Nigeria – based on game-play and diversity.

The site has many spelling and grammatical errors when the tabs of each different promotion or link pop up, and the explanations are not always clear. The essence of the idea is unique and promises much. The site offers a PLAYFOROTHERS promotion whereby the subscriber can place bets on behalf of friends, community members or colleagues. The premise is that the player earns a 30% commission, deposited into his account when people staked for collect their winnings at one of the many shop outlets.

The money staked comes out of the player’s account and then they give the bettors not on the site a code, which they can then cash in at any outlet. The commission on winning tickets will be processed electronically and the 30% will be paid over to the uder;’s account. This sounds complicated and is open to misinterpretation or even false representation, but the uniqueness of the idea is noteworthy. This is the first time this reviewer has seen such a promotion in Africa and time will tell if it is a successful venture, both for the punter and the operator.

The site also offers a surprisingly rare, ‘refer a friend’ bonus, with the user earning 10% of the newcomer’s first deposit. This is also a new way of profiting from word of mouth advertising and if a player refers enough friends then free bets are on the house.

The site offers the usual ‘lose one game, get bet back’ accumulator bonus, with the difference being the amount differs dependant on matches played. The more games on the multi-bet the higher the return of the original stake.

The site also offers a 100% welcome bonus for new players.

The Virtual Play is decent with grey-racing, drag-racing and soccer on offer.

The online casino is not working at the moment and the page says ‘refresh’ and no matter how many times you refresh the page, the same message pops up.

This is a pity because a good online casino is necessary in the Nigerian market.

The site does not offer a jackpot, so there will be no massive earnings from low stakes at this site. But this platform is ideal for lovers of promotional giveaways, free bets and a variety of sporting contests.

The site promises to be a major player in the market and if it can fix technical and grammatical errors then the future looks bright for 9japredict.com.

But at the moment, we have to judge them on all aspects and not on promise so if I was scoring I would give it a 9 for innovation, a 5 for execution and a 7 for look and feel. That is a solid 7/10 for the site.