June 7, 2018

Betpawa Nigeria

BetPawa is one of the most popular online betting sites in Africa, not forgetting Nigeria. Due to its easy deposit options, Nigeria has enable BetPawa to lead in the gambling market. Today, BetPawa has a strong selection of sports in line with its clientele demand. Hence, this review will enables you to understand BetPawa entirely, including becoming a BetPawa official member.

To register in BetPawa Nigeria it provides an easy procedures. Client has to click on “Join Now” and provide his/her phone number and include details requested including a Password to secure its account. The same will be for mobile base services.



Once register, members will be able to bet on their different games. Moreover, before a gambler can play, he/she is required to deposit a minimum amount of 50 Naira to the said account. Such deposit can be made via ATM Card where client can deposit using MasterCard, Visa or Verve. The client must click on the “Deposit” button and enter its ATM card details. Hence, enter your Safe Token, One Time Password, MasterCard secure code or verified by visa information.

In addition, deposit via USSD can be done by simple dial *737*1*AMOUNT* 0179376240# from mobile registered with the bank. For authenticate each transaction, clients are requested to use the Four last digits of GT Bank Naira MasterCard.

Thirdly, using Online Banking, clients must follow each steps which are as follows;

  1. Log into your Bank Online System
  2. Select GT Bank
  3. Enter the account name ‘ Wasere.com’
  4. Enter account number 0179376240
  5. Enter amount wish
  6. Enter phone number as remark
  7. Submit

Nevertheless, BetPawa web Portal look very simple and easy to understand. The sites operates exclusively in English. Moreover, BetPawa offers betting only for 7 games which can be found in the left corner of the website.

  1. Football
  2. Basketball
  3. Tennis
  4. Rugby
  5. Futal
  6. Volleyball
  7. Cricket


Furthermore, BetPawa customer service runs around the clock having aims to attend queries the least possible. Customer can contact BetPawa via Facebook messenger live chat for immediate response. However, BetPawa Nigeria does not provide promotions such as Free bet and Jackpot expect Win Bonus scale

  • 3-4 legs 5% Bonus
  • 5-9 legs 10% Bonus
  • 10-19 legs 50% Bonus
  • 20- 30 legs 100% Bonus

Hence, BetPawa remains the easy market of gaming having easy and simple methods to bet. In this situation, BetPawa Nigeria holds top position in betting market.