April 5, 2018


The online sports betting market place in Nigeria is crowded and it often takes world-class sites to attract the interest and maintain relationships with clients.

There are many brand names in the country and nairabet is one of the industry leaders.

The site offers the most bang for your buck in regard to promotional giveaways and this aggressive marketing campaign will not only attract a new database but maintain client loyalty.

A smart positive move was to make the font larger than other sites but still manage to condense all necessary information in an easily usable and attractive site.

Nairabet offers the mainstay features of many leading sites with a graphically enhanced virtual play, an online casino and live in-play action.

The casino offers both classic and new games while the VP is of the best in the country.

The look and feel of the site is impressive, with all the space used up for bet options, promotional advertisements and affiliate partnerships with leading sports brands.

The mobi site is of similar quality and is a mini version of one of the leading service providers in the market-place.

One of the negative remarks is that the vital information that all sites need to be taken seriously are all not well positioned nor easy to follow. In fact they are non-existent on the landing page. Apart from the obligatory disclaimer at the bottom of the page, the terms and conditions for each game, how to deposit or withdraw tabs as well as FAQ’s are conspicuous by their absence. Whether this was done by accident or is part of an overall strategy is hard to say, but in my opinion it is a glaring error.

Searching for information on a site as ambitious as nairabet should not be a chore and while there is an interactive chat line, this does not erase the problem. If a player decides to play a bonus game and the specific terms and conditions are not on the landing page then confusion can easily set in. This leads to frustration and eventually can lead to loss of business.

It is simple to register while all the banking options are available at first glance.

Apart from the missing details requisite on betting sites, the rest of the experience is exciting and offers many win opportunities.

I wish they had all their ducks in a row as this platform is indicative of a well-run establishment, and one that caters for all bet needs.

The promotions are unique and updated regularly and this proves how on the ball the developers can be – to be fair when a player clicks on promotion link all the terms and conditions for each competition are available.

The first promotion advertised is the popular Monday Madness, where all accounts topped up between 10 am and 10 pm on that day earning the player a 10% increase on amount. For example if a punter deposits 100 Naira, then they will receive N110 to play with.

This extra Monday top-up sets the tone for the week as bettors can restock their e-wallet on the first day of the week and enjoy the extra spoils.

The second promotion is only applicable for the English premier league and no matter the prediction the bet-maker will get their money back if the match ends in a 0-0 stalemate. This hardly ever happens in the EPL anymore, but it is a fall back for those frustrating games that are shy on goals.

The third promotion is the one game cut your ticket bonus, which means that if you place an accumulated bet and one result throws you out, the bettor will be credited with a calculated win.

Most bet sites offer money back for this promotion but nairabet.com offers a substantial increase on original stake. The formula may be complicated but normally a N100 bet will net a whopping 16 600 Naira.

This means that one game lost should not stand in the way of a bet-maker earning a more than decent reward.

The fourth promotion is is a standard cash out option, meaning bettors can cash out their ticket at any stage of a contest wagered on. This means that if Liverpool (who you backed) is winning 2-0 at half-time and a player does not want to take a risk of a fightback, they can cash in their winnings immediately.

The site also offers a customer to customer transfer, and if you are out of money a friend could credit your account within seconds.

Nairabet covers almost all sporting events from around the world and the tennis, ice-hockey and basketball games are extremely popular.

Football is obviously the main target audience for the site and they offer matches from around the world on a daily basis. The only snag is that there is no obvious jackpot game – and this is what can count against the site attracting the bettors that dream of life-changing events.

The jackpot is a drawcard for many of the world’s leading sports betting brands and nairabet will do well to get on the bandwagon.

This drawback is mollified by the keno and bingo options under the casino link, with both paying out significant amounts for low stakes.

The VP is also a great opportunity for bettors to spend hours on the site, placing stakes on virtual matches that happen every five minutes.


The site has a massive social media presence and there are links to all platforms.