April 5, 2018

Sport rsbet

Shopping for an online sports betting provider in Nigeria is a bit like fishing in the ocean; you never know what you will catch, and the tastiest morsels often come from the smallest fish.

Sport.rsbet.com is a bit like that, a veritable little gem in a market of massive whales.

Competing against the likes of megabet.ng, bet9ja.com and nairabet.com is a risk and this site, despite its flaws, could be a reasonably profitable one for the owners.

The key to its success lies in its simplicity as well as the offering of decent promotions. The mobi-site is a smaller version of the main site and its strength lies in its basicness.

The site offers virtual play and live-in play betting so uin this regard is comparable to most competitors.

A major drawback is the limited bank options to play, with only two service providers in Voucher and Interswitch.

This makes the site a niche market for people who use those payment systems. The promotion for newcomers is terrific, with a 2000 Naira free bet given to each first-time deposit-maker. The newcomer also qualifies for a 200% return on investment, which is by far the highest this reviewer has seen on the continent.

There are no jackpot prizes on offer, nor other promotions, but new bettors will love the opportunity to score a free bet and triple the initial investment.

The site also offers news stories taken from leading agencies, so players can keep up to date with all the latest action, injury updates, individual form and team selection.

The site is admittedly very small in scope compared to the competitors but what it does, it does well.

There are no glaring errors, factual mistakes or an incomplete glossary to harp on about. The look and feel is simple, neat and easy on the eye. This is a perfect platform for new bettors to learn – before taking the plunge into the deep ocean that is online sports gaming.

Compared to other sites, which are often clunky, messy and over-the-top, this feels like a gentle dip in the lake, and that is not a critique, merely an observation. So punters prefer to bet in calmer waters while others enjoy the hurly-burly Las Vegas-like atmosphere.

Just like in life; it takes all kind to make up a society. There are the quiet, sensitive types who enjoy a jog rather than a gallop and this is what this site reminds me of. A gentle jog down the beach, smile on your face and wind in your hair.