Nairabet Promotions

The Kenyan online sports betting giant offers some of the most varied promotions with both quality and quantity on offer for this leading operator.

Nairabet has become a household in the East African country and the manner it carries on regrading building a new database and customer loyalty are among the chief reasons for their success.

The site offers a colossus bet, virtual play, a casino and a large bet-market and seven promotions currently on offer tie this all up into a neat bow.

The quality of a leading online betting platform is often judged on the bet-markets available as well as the strong connection between punter and operator chiefly through the offering of top-rated promotions.

The site kicks off the latest promotions with a Monday Funding Madness feature with punters earning a 10% bonus for every stake placed on a Monday from the hours of 9 am to 9 pm.

This is akin to free betting offered for early bird bettors and is a remarkable pick-me-up for the week ahead. The punter can either make up a few bob if results did not go their way during the weekend or continue a good winning streak on to the next round of fixtures.

The upcoming fixtures and schedules are already pre-loaded for the new week’s colossus jackpot, multi-bets, single stakes and almost every market available.

Only payments through a select few outlets will qualify the punters for the bet with the options being; Quickteller, ATM, USSD or bank deposit.

The second promotion on offer is the goalless draw money back bonus; this is a reward system based on any result which ends in a stalemate. The punter will receive a full refund for any bet, regardless of which team wins, if no side manages to score. This type of betting is exclusively used for English Premiership football and can be used in an accumulator or single bet. This offers the bettor more winning options with a stalemate leading to another crack at the win.

The third promotion is a ‘One game Cut your Ticket’ feature which means that if a punter loses one game in a 10-game or more accumulator they will earn a substantial win, as opposed to many leading sites which offer only a refund if this happens. The win-amount is calculated according to an odds-derived formula.

The fourth promo is a ‘Cash Out’ option with the tagline on the site reading, “Never lose a bet again”. This means that a bettor can cash in their bet at any stage of a game and win. Take Man United against Man City as an example and the punter took a stake on Manchetster United winning. If the Old Trafford side are leading 1-0 at the break the cash out option allows the bet-maker to win.

The fifth promotion is labelled by the site as one of a kind in Africa and is called the ‘Edit your Bet’ feature. This means that a punter can change their accumulator bets at any stage of the weekend. If on a Saturday a bet-decider would like to change their Sunday predictions they are able to do so based on this promo.

Nairabet also offer a free bet on the Colossus Jackpot – worth 20 million Kenyan Shillings – with each subscriber entitled to one free stake.

Simply log-in to nairabet and click on the colossus tab and a free play will be awaiting the potential lucky punter.

The Colossus is a 15-game jackpot that can bring about a life-changing win, out of nothing.

The site has limited depositing and withdrawal methods with ATM bank deposits the main choice for punters, but even then with these terrific promotions this could be worth a punt.

Nairabet is putting their money where their mouth is by enticing newcomers and regular players to earn more from less.

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